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Mr. Featherby is Chair of The British and Foreign Bible Society, a role he is delighted to fulfil because of his confidence in the power of the Bible to deepen our relationship with God and bring about personal and social transformation. He has had a heart for Africa and China for many years.

James was formerly a partner for 20 years of London’s premier law firm, specializing in international corporate law and real estate developments, and chair for six years of the committee that provides ethical investment and engagement advice to the £12 billion Church of England investment funds.

James is passionate about seeing people live out their faith in all areas of their lives, and about seeing God’s goodness made manifest in all spheres of society. James is the editor of a book on global business and human rights and, in response to the Western 2008 financial crisis, he wrote two books on investment and business for the common good.
• World Financial and Economic Trends: How can Africa position herself?
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